Before & After Results

Here are just some of our before and after photos.

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Please note that all photos posted have patient consent.

Before & After Results

Full Face Dermal & Anti Wrinkle

Dermal Filler + Anti-Wrinkle ~ Our goal was to refresh the whole face by supporting under the eyes and adding volume and contour with cheek filler, creating a smoother transition through the nasolabial folds, lifting the lower face, subtle volume to the lips and upper face anti-wrinkle to create a more vibrant look.

Lip Filler

Dermal Filler ~ Our goal was to improve the appearance of dehydrated lips and upper/lower lip lines, whilst defining the lip border and offering subtle volume.

Upper Face Anti-Wrinkle

Anti-Wrinkle ~ Our goal was to achieve a more youthful and fresh appearance to the upper face whilst lifting the eyebrows and keeping it natural.

Chin Filler

Dermal Filler ~ Projection, elongation and sharpness to the chin region has harmonised the facial thirds to improve a 360 degree profile.

Upper Face Lines

Anti-Wrinkle ~ Our goal was to remove lines that appeared on the forehead when raising the eyebrows and at rest so no more makeup was to sit in the creases.


Bioremodeling ~ Our goal was to address fine lines, dullness to skin, pore size and all over glow with hyaluronic acid injections over the whole face.

Lip Filler

Dermal Filler ~ Our goal was to volumise, define and hydrate the lips with a natural finish.

Chin and Lower Face Muscle Relaxant

Dermal Filler + Anti-Wrinkle ~ Our goal was to relax the chin and create elongation and projection to address the facial thirds and soften the lower face.

Full Face

Dermal Filler ~ Cheeks, jawline, jowls and lip combination treatment to aid the appearance of a mid and lower face lift and relieve heaviness to the midline of the face.

Mid Face

Dermal Filler ~ Our goal was to lift the midface and avoid the signs of aging by reducing shadows and smoothing transitions.

Full Face Dermal Filler

Dermal Filler ~ Our goal was to improve chin projection and bring the jawline back to life as well as adding cheek filler to the mid face and lips to proportion the facial thirds and create feminine harmonization.

Mid Face Lift

Dermal Filler ~ addressing the mid face volume loss to support the peri-orbital zone and lift the lower face with a sprinkle of lip filler to top it off.

Cheeks and Jawline

Dermal filler ~ Our goal was to support under the eyes with mid cheek volume and create a contoured jawline to minimize the early appearance of jowling.

Cheeks and Lips

Dermal filler ~ Our goal was to enhance cheek bones to give extra contour and subtle lip plump.

Lip Filler

Dermal Filler ~ Our goal was to create hydration and reduce upper and lower lip lines.

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